Saturday, September 28, 2013

Marc By Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 Ready To Wear

I think I'm going to call this collection,  "Upscaled High School," because that is what most of these pieces look like. The dresses look like cheerleader uniforms. 

The suits look like satinized prep school uniforms.

 The tank tops look like they were made from men's pajama tops. 

On second thought, mabe I shouldn't call it, "Upscaled High School," maybe I should call it,  "Vamped Prep School, " as in, "Only Anne Rice's vampires would dress like this." But my biggest, "Why?!?" for this collection was the way the models' hair was held to their necks with scarves or fabric headbands (see above). Why would anyone do this? It just looks ridiculous.

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