Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Think I Have Something To Say About Fashion Week

I don't normally have much to say about runway fashion. I even tend to avoid actually looking at it. I have a live and let live philosophy about the whole thing:  they can make whatever overpriced monstrosities they want as long as I don't have to wear them. However, I have been casually looking at Womens Wear Daily's coverage of the Spring ready-to-wear shows for 2014, and I find, belatedly and in the middle of Milan's Fashion Week, that I DO have something to say about what's going on in these collections. In fact, I have several somethings I want to say. I'm going to go through these one collection at a time and give my thoughts on each one. I'm not going to go over every collection this time around because I'm starting late and I don't want to still be doing this at Christmas, so I'm limiting myself to the shows I had strong reactions to. I may even come back at these designers with a few improvements/variations of my own. So stay tuned:  Refashioned Runway starts tomorrow.

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