Friday, October 11, 2013

Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 Ready To Wear

This collection mixes opulent Victorian styles covered in trims with men's swim trunks against a post-apocalyptic beach setting worthy of Planet of the Apes. Now, a lot of these outfits look good, if a bit heavy...

 ...but the ones involving the swim trunks are all sorts of wrong.
 They have an unbalanced top to bottom ratio with all the weight on the top. I admit to already having a pet peeve about this sort of thing. I find it irritating to see people wearing bulky sweaters with short skirts or shorts. If that is what makes you comfortable I'm all for it, but I have yet to meet someone wearing one of these ensembles who is not complaining about how cold she is. In addition to my issues with the lack of practicality here, I take issue from an aesthetic perspective. Clothing should have a certain balance, not necessarily a symmetrical balance, but a balance that is pleasing to the eye. It is this balance that I feel these Victorian shirt with swim trunks outfits lack. These ideas could have been melded better. Heck, I could do it better! This is the point that I have come to after reviewing this many shows. What is the point of designers exactly when these ideas can be fleshed out by an amateur at a fraction of the cost and more likely to be worn by a normal person? I will explore this more deeply in future posts, but keep this in mind, because I will be recreating some of these looks myself, either exactly or altered to make more sense, with my sewing machine and some thrift store savvy.  

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