Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 Ready To Wear

This collection has lots of flow. It is all-over flow, soft both in the types of fabric and the patterns chosen to decorate said fabrics. 
Some of the dresses seem to be merely breathtaking swirls of fabric such as this example. 

My only complaint is the shoes. OH MY GOD THE SHOES! 

They are a bootie flip-flop hybrid and they should have never been allowed to exist. Flip flops are for when it is so hot that you want to wear as little as possible to let air circulate around your feet. Boots are for when it is cool enoguh that you want to keep everything up to your ankes well covered and warm and also to make up for the coolness of some skirts if it's too cold to just wear sandles or heels. There is no way these two weather conditions can exist simultaneously. Therefore there is no practical reason for these shoes to exist. Also they look ridiculous. These shoes have been a trend all summer and they have bothered me since the first time I saw someone walk by wearing them. They are as pointless and stupid looking as the high-heeled sneakers that were so popular a few years ago. Let's hope they disappear as quickly and thoroughly as they came.

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