Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today Is A Good Day To Talk About Decepticons

I cannot be called a Transformers geek. I have enjoyed the new movies, the old movie, and a few of the G1 episodes, but I don't have vast amounts of knowledge on the canon of the show. So my understanding of what makes Decepticons Decepticons is that Autobots were the default mode of mechanical alien beings and then a group of evil-minded mechanical alien beings broke away from the Autobots and became the Decepticons because their unifying purpose is to be anti-Autobot. I could be wrong. Please don't hurt me.

Decepticins have these characteristics:

  1. They enjoy destruction/don't care about the consequences of their actions, and
  2. They have cooler vehicle (and often even robot) modes than the Autobots
I am not making this up. Soundwave - way cooler than Blaster. Devastator - way cooler than Ultra-Magnus. Even Starscream - much as I hate to admit this considering what an annoying character he is - is cooler than Blurr. And Unicron just beats all.

This said, there are a few pics up on Flicker of Decepticon vehicle modes. Check them out here.

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