Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Angry Conversations With God: A Review

I was browsing for books on world religions in my local library when I came across Angry Conversations with God:  A Snarky but Authentic Spiritual Memoir. "Well," I thought to myself, "This has got to be good." It is the story of one woman's journey towards a healthier relationship with God. In this book the author lays out her life:  the times she felt God's presence, the times she feared His absence, how she tried to coincide what she felt God wanted with what she wanted, her desperate struggle to find a church she could be comfortable in and a partner she could share her faith with, and all the ups and downs that connect those struggles.

This book resonated with my own struggles with faith and my relationship with Divinity. I smiled at a lot of instances that the author described that reminded me of my own experiences, especially the experience if trying to keep a Christian faith (or indeed any faith) as a high school and college student. Mostly, though, I cried for the author's pains especially her extraordinarily gifted description of her "Dark Night of the Soul." Now, books, movies, and television rarely engage me emotionally to the point where I would cry. Usually these media give me a more objective than subjective approach. The fact that this book touched me on such a level is the reason I would recommend it so highly. I would suggest this book to anyone who has ever felt lost from God, anyone who is looking to find their way back to God after a fallout with the church or their own faith, and anyone who believes that God has a sense of humor.

UPDATE 7/25/12:  There were a couple of thing I forgot to mention but think I should add. First, I felt as much sympathy for God as I did for the author while reading this book. Second, the book's author is Susan E. Issacs. I put that in the tags, but not everyone looks at those (including me) so I figured it should be in the body of the post just in case someone wanted taht information.

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